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We are LIVE on NCA Wealthcare!

After months of preparation and planning, we are thrilled to announce that TODAY we are LIVE on our new NCA Wealthcare Claims platform!

That means that all newly issued NCA Benefits debit cards are effective, and participants can begin to submit their claims via our new portal ( and our new, free mobile app (NCA Benefits).

We encourage all participants to register and log in to the new portal. Here, you will be able to view account balances, submit claims, view alerts, and even sign up for text messages. Don't forget to check out our Resources Library! There is a catalog of information available to help you maximize your benefit accounts, and fully understand the power of your savings.

Paying too much for prescriptions? Don't miss the CDH Marketplace. These online "stores" help participants save on necessary prescriptions. By shopping for the best price, and using pre-tax dollars in these benefit accounts, participants can save even more!

In addition, participants will enjoy a full suite of capabilities that help you maximize their benefits experience: • Multimedia education: Learn more about account features, benefits and how to optimize their experience. • Interactive tools: Access tools and calculators to help participants plan and make critical spend/save decisions. • Communications: View a complete history of account communications and manage personal preferences. • Self-service: Take advantage of expanded account servicing options to manage their account and find answers to their questions.

For more information, check out our Forms & Resources page, as well as our Claims page. We have provided step-by-step guides on how to use the new portal and mobile app to get participants started.

We hope you enjoy the new Claims experience as much as we hope you will. As always, if you have any questions, please call us at 800-677-6690.

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