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NCA Payroll

Modern, Affordable Payroll & HR Solutions

NCA’s goal is to help clients and partners operate at their best with modern solutions, which is why we’ve partnered with Paylocity, a leading software provider of HR and payroll solutions. 

With this all-in-one, intuitive platform, your organization can make strategic decisions, cultivate a modern workplace, and enhance employee engagement—all while making your life easier. Engage employees with secure, mobile, 24/7 access to payroll and HR information where and when they need it.

                                               What NCA Payroll Can Do for You:












                                In addition to payroll processing, clients have access to:














Check out our Human Capital Management page for more information on how NCA can help with Human Resources and Workforce Management.

For more information, please download these helpful resources:

Automate the process of requesting a change of status, position, or compensation


Equip you with real time reports, analytics, and dashboards to help you monitor key metrics and identify trends

Save time by minimizing employee data redundancy

Offer expert consultants, technology, and compliance resources built to help you conquer today’s workplace challenges

Provide employees with self-serve, on-demand access to their checks and other benefits information

Our Unique Partnership Offers You:

  • CEFEX-certified record keeper and
    third party administrator - all in one!

  • A true open architecture record keeping platform

  • Custom designed to maximize objectives of owners and other key executives

  • Dedicated management with white glove service

  • Seamless operational procedures for employer and participants

  • Large enough to meet complex needs, small enough for individual attention

Financial Report
paylocity screens.jpg
  • Tax payment service                         

  • Employee self-service

  • Mobile app

  • Community portal

  • New hire reporting

  • Unemployment service

  • Vacation and PTO tracking

  • Document management

  • Expense management

  • Garnishment payments

  • Recruiting and electronic onboarding

  • Performance management

  • Compliance dashboard

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