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Benefit Choice Flexibility

The changing demographics of our workforce make a fixed benefit package unattractive to many employees. Single employees have different needs than married employees. Young families have different priorities than more mature employees who are planning for their retirement. A Flexible Benefit Plan meets the diverse needs of each  individual employee. 

We help create benefits with your employees' health and welfare in mind.

Plan Design

At NCA, we work with our clients to design and implement attractive flexible benefit arrangements that are tailor-made to their specific objectives and employee population.

We believe that the development of an appropriate benefit plan design requires: 

  • A review of the existing benefit plans

  • An analysis of the demographics of the employee workforce, and most importantly

  • Defining both the short and long term benefit objectives to our clients.

Our benefits professionals will develop a Flexible Benefit Plan design for our clients that is comprehensive, cost effective, and consistent with their corporate objectives. 


The transition to a Flexible Benefit Plan needs to be well planned and well executed. Employees should be provided with an understanding of not only the mechanics of their benefits, but also the nature and scope of all the benefit options available to them. Educating employees helps to ensure that they are able to make informed choices and get the most out of their new benefit program.  

Our Services

NCA has administered Cafeteria –style benefit plans for 30 years. Many of our clients choose NCA without realizing that we also offer:

-Flex Benefits Administration (with the option of debit cards)

-HRA Administration (with the option of debit cards)

-HSA Administration (with the option of debit cards)

-Lifestyle and Wellness Accounts

-Commuter Benefits (Section 132 (f) Transportation and Parking Reimbursement) with debit cards

-COBRA & HIPAA Administration 

-Open enrollment services

-Custom Open Enrollment materials

-Discrimination Testing

-Payroll Services

-Human Capital Management Services


If you would like more information concerning administrative support in other areas, please call us at 800-677-6690.

Advantages to Employers

-Employers will save approximately 8% on every dollar employees set aside from their paychecks to budget for pre-tax accounts. ​

-Employers' insurance costs can be lowered by coordinating changes to their health plans with the installation of pre-tax accounts.

-When employees set aside pre-tax payroll deductions, employers contributions to 401(k), pensions, and workers' comp may also be reduced since they are based on lower taxable salaries.

-Administrative costs are tax deductible and can be paid by employers or employees. Fees can be collected by pre-tax deductions from the employees' pre-tax accounts.

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