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COBRA Continuees and Qualified PQB

If you have recently terminated or lost coverage through your group insurance Plan, you might have recently received a notification letter containing important information about your right to COBRA continuation coverage, which is a temporary extension of coverage under the Plan. 

This notice explains COBRA continuation coverage, why it may become available to you and your family, and what you need to do to protect the right to receive it. If you elect and pay for COBRA, you will receive the same coverage as you would receive if you were an active Plan Participant. 

What is COBRA Continuation Coverage?

COBRA continuation coverage is a continuation of Plan coverage when your coverage would otherwise end because of a life event known as a "qualifying event". Examples of qualifying events are listed below. You, your spouse, and your dependent children could become qualified beneficiaries if coverage under the Plan is lost because of a qualifying event. Under the Plan, qualified beneficiaries who elect COBRA continuation must pay to continue on COBRA. 


Examples of Qualifying Events include:

  • Your hours of employment are reduced

  • Your employment has ended due to termination

  • You quit your job

  • You pass away, and your spouse and children become Qualified Beneficiaries

  • Your dependent child ages of your health plan at age 26

  • Divorce or legal separation

  • Your entitlement to Medicare at age 65

What happens after I elect and pay?

Once you elect COBRA and send in your check, your coverage is reinstated. You will receive confirmation of coverage along with monthly payment coupons. If we do not receive your payment by the 15th of the month, we will send you a reminder notice. If we do not receive your payment within 30 days, you will receive a lapse notice and coverage will be terminated. 

Once you have elected COBRA and paid for coverage, you can obtain up-to-date account balance information by clicking the link below. Payments are posted each business day. You will be asked to create an account. If you already have an account, your ID and password will remain the same. Once enrolled in COBRA, you may choose to receive future correspondence, late notices, lapse notices, a certificate of credible coverage, etc., via email by completing and returning the email authorization form in your COBRA packet.  

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