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Flexible Spending Accounts


What is a Healthcare Reimbursement Account?
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are pre-tax benefit accounts that pay for eligible expenses not covered by insurance, including:
•Medical expenses
•Dental expenses
•Vision expenses


These accounts offer a smart, simple way to save money and keep you and your family healthy and protected. Your employer sponsors this program, to help you save on important health and dependent daycare expenses by using pre-tax dollars.

You can save an average of 30% on everyday eligible, out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. There are several easy payment and reimbursement options. You can access your full election amount starting on day one! Your employer might also offer a grace period or carry over option at the end of your Plan Year. 












































































What is a Dependent Care Account?

Dependent Care Accounts allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars to help offset the cost of childcare, or eldercare. Care must be for one or more qualifying individuals who must be a dependent claimed on your taxes. Expenses must be for you and your spouse to work, look for work or go to school full-time. 


Additional requirements include:
•Must be for children age 12 and under when care is provided
•Can also be used for adult child or spouse physically incapable of
for him/herself
•Amounts paid for “educational care” must be for pre-kindergarten or

younger ages
•Provider of care must report the income by providing employee name,

address and Tax ID or Social Security number























                                                 Getting Your Money Back

                                                                              Submit your claim any of these easy ways!                     
                                                                              1. Online at NCA Wealth Care Portal:

                                                                              2. Free mobile app (search NCA Benefits)

                                                                              3. Fax to: 440-835-1188

                                                                              4. Mail to:
                                                                                  North Coast Administrators

                                                                                  24700 Center Ridge Road, Suite 260

                                                                                  Westlake, OH 44145                                         

Woman Tutoring Child
Doctor and Patient

What expenses are eligible?

  • Doctor's office co-pays

  • Chiropractic services

  • Prescriptions

  • Dental care (including extractions and braces)

  • Vision care (including contacts, prescription sunglasses, and LASIK)

  • Hearing aids

  • Physical therapy

  • Lab fees

  • School physicals, including sports

Use the NCA Benefits card instead of your own credit card or cash to pay for eligible expenses. Swipe and go!

Happy Boy

What expenses are eligible?

  • Before school or after care for children 12 and younger

  • Day care centers

  • Nanny, au pair, or babysitter

  • Nursery schools or preschools

  • Summer or holiday camps

  • Custodial care for dependent adults

Use the NCA Benefits card instead of your own credit card or cash to pay for eligible expenses. Swipe and go!

Check out our Claims page for more information!

2022 Expense Limits

You may elect to participate in both the Healthcare FSA and the Dependent Care Account.

FSA: $2,850

DCA: $5,000

*Tip: Your plan might allow a rollover or grace period 

Learn more about

Dependent Care Accounts:

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