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Commuter Benefits


If you have to pay to park your car during the workweek or take advantage of a subway, train, ferry, or other means of mass transit, this plan can help you!


The Commuter program allows you to pay for your work-related parking and mass transit expenses using pre-tax dollars. That means you’ll avoid paying payroll taxes (Federal, State, & FICA) and can save anywhere from 20-40% on these expenses!

Here's how it works:

Employees set aside a certain amount of each paycheck into an account- before paying income taxes on the money (which includes Federal, State, and FICA taxes). 

During the year, participants can access this account for transit and parking expenses. Payments from these accounts are tax-free to employees. 

Unlike the FSA benefit, these accounts have greater flexibility! There is no "use-it-or-lose-it" rule as long as you're enrolled. Unused funds can roll forward to the following plan year. Add additional post-tax funds to your account so that you only have to swipe once.


Pause, change, or cancel any time!

2022 Expense Limits

You may elect to participate in both the Transit and Parking accounts.


The IRS contribution limits for 2021 are:

  • $280.00 monthly maximum for Parking, and

  • $280.00 monthly maximum for Transit

for a total of $560.00 monthly if you elect to participate in both plans.

**NOTE: These are two separate accounts. Funds may not be co-mingled. You cannot "borrow" from your Parking account to pay Transit expenses, and vice versa. Remember that these accounts are not pre-funded.** 

What expenses are eligible?

  • Transit passes

  • Bus

  • Train

  • Regional rail

  • Subway

  • Ferry

  • Vanpool*

  • Parking at or near work

  • Parking at or near public transportation

Use the NCA Benefits card instead of your own credit card or cash to pay for eligible expenses. Swipe and go!

*Individual Uber and Lyft rides are NOT eligible expenses, but UberPOOL and Lyft Line are eligible. Documentation must be provided with claims.

Learn more about

Commuter Accounts:

Getting Your Money Back

Submit your claim any of these easy ways!

  • Online at NCA Wealth Care Portal:

  • Free mobile app (search NCA Benefits)

  • Fax to: 440-835-1188

  • Mail to:
    North Coast Administrators

       24700 Center Ridge Road, Suite 260

       Westlake, OH 44145                         

Check out our Claims page for more information!

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