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Maximize Your Savings This Year!

With the onset of the new year, one of your resolutions might be "Save more money!"

One simple way to enhance your savings is by taking full advantage of your pre-tax benefit accounts. Here are a few tips on how to get the most value and savings from these accounts.

  1. Log into your participant portal ( to gain full account access. The portal has a wealth of educational resources on how the benefits work, and helps to identify areas where you can save. Additionally, you can submit claims in a few simple steps, and also enroll in direct deposit. Enrolling in direct deposit for reimbursements gets you your money faster, helping to manage your cash flows while taking advantage of tax benefits.

  2. Download our free Smart App (search NCA Benefits on iTunes or Google Play). Utilizing the app allows you to get real time communications sent to you. For example, you can text for your balance, or to track claim activity. You can submit claims from the app, and even manage your debit cards.

The NCA Benefits App takes the guesswork out of healthcare spending and saving decisions. It includes a personalized, real-time and self-guided experience that ensures you have access to not only powerful self-service capabilities such as viewing and managing your Benefit Accounts, submitting claims, and accessing account alerts, but also actionable insights that lead you down a path to better healthcare spending and saving behaviors.

Get the most out of every dollar with our app:

-Virtual medicine cabinet helps participants find ways to save on prescriptions

-Smart Score and personalized recommendations to help participants make informed decisions about where to best spend and save healthcare dollars

-Find care to help participants search for providers or procedure and drug prices

-Funding calculator to help participants save for the future

TIP: You can scan items at the store with our built in scanner to see if they are eligible!

3. Use your debit card as often as possible. This will eliminate the need to pay out of pocket and to submit a claim. Don't forget to keep your receipts (even for over- the-counter products)!

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19 ene 2023

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