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Stretch Your Savings with our Marketplace Partners

The North Coast Administrators Marketplace, a feature available within the NCA Wealthcare Portal, curates a wide range of HSA- and FSA-eligible products and services employees can purchase using their health benefit account funds.

Marketplace partners provide a wide variety of offerings, from over-the-counter products and medical services to hearing aids, vision care, and dental health solutions.

Utilizing this Marketplace not only makes it easier for consumers to spend their account dollars on eligible items to maximize account usage, but also empowers them to make smarter purchase decisions by allowing participants to "name their price" for services.

All products and services offered are pre-determined to be FSA- and HSA-eligible, which allows for card transactions to be auto-substantiated.

A few retailers available through this marketplace include:

  • Good Buy Rx: The ultimate pharmacy savings card. Simply present your card at more than 60,000 participating pharmacies to save up to 75% on generic or brand name medications.

  • Single Care: A prescription savings program that makes it easy for consumers to save and know how much prescriptions will cost before heading to the pharmacy

  • Health Credit Services: Provides financing solutions for elective and non-elective healthcare expenses. Consumers can pay for their deductibles as well as treatments and procedures not covered by insurance.

Take a look at our Marketplace Partners flyer to learn more! (see attached)

Log into your NCA Wealthcare Portal account to see how you can save!

Marketplace Overview_Portal_Flyer_022519
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