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10 FSA & HSA Items Under $10

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Here is a quick list of eligible items under $10, that you can purchase with your NCA Benefits card:

  1. Over the counter eyeglasses (such as readers)

  2. Thermometers

  3. Tylenol

  4. Hot and Cold packs

  5. First Aid kits and supplies

  6. Sunscreen

  7. Acne medication

  8. Contact lens solution

  9. Tampons and pads

  10. Glucose tablets

Unsure if an item you’d like to purchase is eligible? Check out our expense eligibility list on our our NCA Wealthcare portal in the Resources section.

Need an immediate answer at the store? Use our bar code scanner on our NCA Benefits app to determine if an item is eligible in real time!

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